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Strs Ohio invests $656,000 in Ennis, Inc. (NYSE:EBF)

Strs Ohio invests $656,000 in Ennis, Inc. (NYSE:EBF)

During the third quarter, Strs Ohio increased its ownership of Ennis, Inc. (NYSE: EBF), as indicated by the most recent statement that the company filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The fund shelled out a little more than 656 thousand dollars to purchase 32,600 shares in the industrial goods company. At the end of the most recent reporting period, Strs Ohio controlled approximately 0.13 percent of the total Ennis shares in circulation.

In addition, the positions that the company’s other institutional investors hold have been subjected to alterations. Geneos Wealth Management Inc. increased its holdings in Ennis by 276.3% over the first three months of 2018. Geneos Wealth Management Inc. now has a total holding of 1,505 shares of the stock of the industrial goods company after purchasing an additional 1,105 shares during the most recent quarter. The market value of Geneos Wealth Management Inc.’s holdings is equivalent to $27,000. A brand new investment of $47,000 was made in Ennis by the New York State Teachers Retirement System during the second quarter of the fiscal year. During the second quarter, US Bancorp DE achieved an 84.5% increase in the proportion of Ennis stock it owned. US Bancorp DE now owns 1,148 additional shares in the industrial products company as a result of the purchase of 2,507 new shares during the preceding quarter for a total of $51,000. Because of this, the total number of shares that US Bancorp DE owns has increased to 1,148. Amalgamated Bank made a new investment in Ennis during the first three months of 2018, and the total value of that investment was close to $57,000. During the first three months of 2018, the Great West Life Assurance Company of Canada increased the number of Ennis shares owned by 36.6%. Great West Life Assurance Co. now has a total of 2,940 shares of the company’s stock, which are currently valued at $57,000 after the company purchased 787 additional shares in the industrial products company during the most recent quarter. These shares were purchased during the most recent quarter. 72.86 percent of the company’s shares are owned by institutional investors who have purchased large blocks of stock.

In a separate development, a research note covering Ennis was first covered by on October 12, the same day that the website began reporting on the company. They encouraged potential buyers to “strongly purchase” the stock.

Wednesday’s opening price for a share of EBF stock on the New York Stock Exchange was $21.58. The price-to-earnings ratio of the company’s stock is 13.32, and the stock has a beta value of 0.49. The market capitalization of the company is $557.54 million. The 50-day and 200-day moving average prices for it are $22.52 and $21.67, respectively. Its current price is $22.52. The all-time high and all-time low for Ennis, Inc. over the previous 52 weeks is the same amount: $23.48.

On Monday, December 19, Ennis (NYSE: EBF) released their most recent quarterly earnings report. This report was for the period ending September 30. Earnings per share for the manufacturing company that produces a variety of industrial goods were $0.44 for the most recent quarter. The company’s operations brought in total revenue of $110.25 million during the period under consideration. Ennis’s company generated a return on equity of 13.47% and a net margin of 9.74% in their line of work.

In addition, the company has declared a quarterly dividend, which will be paid out on February 2. On January 5, shareholders recorded as such will be eligible to receive a dividend payment of $0.25 per share. This payment will be made to shareholders who were recorded as such on January 5. This equates to an annual dividend payment of $1 and a dividend yield of 4.63% for the stock. For this distribution, the ex-dividend date has been set for January 4, 2013, as previously mentioned. The dividend payout ratio, or DPR, for Ennis is 61.73%. This ratio is also known as the DPR.

Ennis, Inc. designs, manufactures and markets a wide range of business forms and other products to companies in the United States. The business carries brands such as Ennis, Royal Business Forms, Block Graphics, Specialized Printed Forms, 360o Custom Labels, ColorWorx, Enfusion, Uncompromised Check Solutions, VersaSeal, Ad Concepts, FormSource Limited, Star Award Ribbon Company, Witt Printing, B&D Litho, Genforms, and PrintGraph. In addition, it offers pressure-sensitive products, snap sets, continuous forms, laser-cut sheets, tags, labels, and envelopes.

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