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Strs Ohio owns $661,000 of Titan Machinery Inc. (NASDAQ:TITN)

Strs Ohio owns $661,000 of Titan Machinery Inc. (NASDAQ:TITN)

The 13F report that Strs Ohio submitted to the SEC revealed that during the third quarter, the company’s shares in Titan Machinery Inc. (NASDAQ: TITN) were reduced by 12.4%. After selling 3,300 shares of the company’s stock during the period in question, the fund had a total of 23,400 of those shares in its possession. The most recent filing with the SEC reveals that Strs Ohio owned approximately 0.10% of Titan Machinery, which had a market value of $660,000 at the time of the filing.

Other hedge funds’ total investments in TITN have undergone various scale-related transformations due to these alterations. Gladius Capital Management LP started a new investment in Titan Machinery in the second quarter. This investment is anticipated to be worth somewhere in the neighborhood of $27,000. During the third quarter, GPS Wealth Strategies Group LLC added a total investment of approximately $53,000 in Titan Machinery to its existing portfolio. This investment was made in total. Point72 Hong Kong Ltd. increased its holdings in Titan Machinery by purchasing additional shares during the first three months of 2018. This brought the total value of the company’s interest in the company up to approximately $54,000. Amalgamated Bank made a new investment in Titan Machinery during the first three months of 2018, the value of which was approximately $66,000.

And last but not least, Denali Advisors LLC purchased an additional 81.8 percent ownership stake in Titan Machinery during the third quarter. Denali Advisors LLC is now the direct owner of 4,000 shares of the company’s stock, which have a value of $113,000 as a result of an additional 1,800 shares of the company’s stock that were purchased during the most recent fiscal quarter. 81.30 percent of the company’s stock is owned by institutional investors such as hedge funds and other investment vehicles.

On Wednesday morning, the price of TITN stock opened the trading session at $42.58. The straightforward moving average for the last two hundred days of the company’s stock price is $32.75, while the straightforward moving average for the last fifty days is $38.73. In contrast, the current ratio equals 1.74, and the quick ratio equals 0.37, but the debt-to-equity ratio, the current ratio, and the quick ratio all equal 0.18. During the past year, the price of Titan Machinery Inc. has moved in a range that began at $21.50 and ended at $44.35, with a low of $21.50 and a high of $44.35. The business’s market capitalization stands at $966.86 million at the moment, its price-to-earnings ratio is 9.08, and its beta value is 1.66.

A large number of research projects have focused their attention on TITN as a topic worthy of investigation. On Tuesday, December 13, B. Riley initiated coverage for shares of Titan Machinery. This coverage was effective immediately. They recommended investors “buy” the stock and set a price objective of $48.0 per share. r The coverage of shares of Titan Machinery by B. Riley began on the 13th of the month. They gave the stock a “buy” rating and set a price objective of $48.0 for the shares of the company’s stock. Stephens announced on Friday, December 2, that they had increased their price objective on shares of Titan Machinery to $53.00. This news was included in a report released on Friday, December 2. Finally, on Wednesday, October 12, coverage of Titan Machinery shares began on They suggested to the investors that the best action would be to “buy” the shares. While one analyst recommends that investors keep their current position with the company, three others have given it a buy rating, so investors can choose which recommendation to follow. According to the data made available by Bloomberg, the stock is presently rated as having a consensus price objective of $45.00, which corresponds to a “Moderate Buy” rating. In addition, the company comes recommended as a “Moderate Buy” on average.

The Titan Machinery Inc. network of full-service agricultural and construction equipment dealerships spans North America and Europe, and the company is responsible for its operation and administration. It primarily operates in three different markets: the international market, the construction market, and the agricultural market. The business is willing to sell customers brand-new and pre-owned machinery. In addition to the CNH Industrial brand family, products from other manufacturers are included in these offerings. CNH Industrial is a manufacturer of agricultural and construction equipment.


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