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Strs Ohio Reduces Its Position in Alexander & Baldwin, Inc. (NYSE:ALEX)

Strs Ohio Reduces Its Position in Alexander & Baldwin, Inc. (NYSE:ALEX)

According to the most recent disclosure that the company has made with the Securities and Exchange Commission, during the third quarter of 2018, Strs Ohio decreased its holdings in Alexander & Baldwin, Inc. (NYSE: ALEX) by 20.8%. The company provided this information. (SEC). The institutional investor now has 74,695 shares held by the financial services provider after selling 19,572 shares during the quarter. This brings the total number of shares that the investor owns to a total of 74,695. At the end of the most recent fiscal quarter, Strs Ohio held a holding in Alexander & Baldwin that was worth $1,238,000. This represents 0.1% of the company’s total equity.

Other institutional investors and hedge funds, including a number of them, have followed suit and cut back on the amount of the company’s stock that they own. During the third quarter of 2018, Wipfli Financial Advisors LLC invested in Alexander & Baldwin, totaling approximately $35,000. This investment was made in a new holding. Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Inc. increased the amount of Alexander & Baldwin stock owned by 3.3% during the third quarter of 2018. Sumitomo Mitsui Trust Holdings Inc. now has 88,016 stock held by the financial services provider due to the acquisition of 2,771 additional shares during the most recent quarter. There is a market value of $1,459,000 attached to these shares. The Louisiana State Employees Retirement System invested approximately 575 thousand dollars during the third quarter to purchase a new interest in Alexander & Baldwin. This was done to arouse interest. During the third quarter, HighTower Trust Company and National Association spent approximately 243,000 dollars on the acquisition of additional shares of Alexander & Baldwin. A brand new investment for approximately $1,751,000 was made in Alexander & Baldwin during the second quarter by Prelude Capital Management LLC. The agenda was complete, and this was the final and most important item. At this time, institutional investors and investors participating in hedge funds hold a combined total of 85.56% of the company’s stock.

On Friday, the NYSE ALEX opened with a price of $19.81 for the beginning of trading. The simple moving average over the past 200 days for the company is currently sitting at $18.67, and the simple moving average over the last 50 days is currently sitting at $19.41. While the quick and current ratios are both at 0.40, the debt-to-equity ratio comes in at 0.42. The 52-week low price for Alexander & Baldwin, Inc. is $15.80, and the 52-week high price for the company is $24.67. The business just announced a quarterly dividend, which was paid and distributed on January 6 this year. A price-to-earnings ratio of 55.03, a beta value of 1.29, and a market capitalization of $1.44 billion are also included in the share price information. On December 23, $0.22 dividend payments per share were made to shareholders who were recorded as having shares as of that day. These payments were sent out to shareholders. The dividend was disbursed to shareholders on December 22. The results of this calculation are that there will be a dividend yield of 4.44% and an annual dividend of $0.88. At the moment, the payout percentage for Alexander & Baldwin is 244.44%.

Recent events have led several research analysts to focus on ALEX’s stock as a topic of discussion. released a research report on Wednesday, October 12, which initiated coverage of Alexander & Baldwin shares. The report can be found here. They advised their clients to “hold” the stock moving forward. In addition, Piper Jaffray lowered their rating on Alexander & Baldwin from “overweight” to “neutral” in a research note published on Monday, November 14. They set their price objective for the stock at $20. Piper Jaffray also set its price objective for the stock at $20.

In addition to being the most successful commercial real estate company in the state, Alexander & Baldwin, Inc. (also known as “A&B”) is also the largest owner of community retail complexes in Hawaii. The majority of these retail complexes have a supermarket as their anchor tenant. A&B is the owner, operator, and manager of more than 3.9 million square feet of commercial space in Hawaii. This includes 154 acres of ground leases, 22 shopping malls, ten industrial sites, and four office buildings. When taken together, these properties comprise approximately 3.9 million square feet.


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