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Strs Ohio sells 4,900 Hostess Brands, Inc. shares (NASDAQ:TWNK)

Strs Ohio sells 4,900 Hostess Brands, Inc. shares (NASDAQ:TWNK)

According to the most recent filing that the company made with the SEC, during the third quarter of 2018, Strs Ohio reduced its holdings in Hostess Brands, Inc. (NASDAQ: TWNK) by 8.3%. After selling 4,900 shares during the period, the fund’s total holdings of the company’s stock amounted to 53,800 shares at the end of the period. As a result, Strs Ohio had $1,250,000 worth of stock in Hostess Brands that they owned at the end of the most recent reporting period.

Recent months have seen recent changes implemented by various hedge funds regarding how they invest in TWNK. First Horizon Advisors Inc. increased its holdings in Hostess Brands by 343.3 percent during the second quarter of the year. First Horizon Advisors Inc. now holds 7,173 shares of the company’s stock, which are currently valued at $151,000 after purchasing an additional 5,555 shares over the subsequent year. During the second quarter, Bridgewater Associates LP added 5.1% more shares to its holdings of Hostess Brands to reflect its growing company ownership. After purchasing an additional 18,603 shares during the most recent quarter, Bridgewater Associates LP now owns 381,867 shares of the company’s stock, which is $8,099,000. These shares were acquired during the most recent quarter. During the second quarter, Seizert Capital Partners LLC increased its holdings in Hostess Brands by approximately $1,600,000 more than it had previously. During the second quarter of this year, CapWealth Advisors LLC increased the percentage of Hostess Brands stock owned by 3.1%. After making an additional purchase of 5,502 shares during the most recent quarter, CapWealth Advisors LLC now has a total of 182,912 shares of the company, which are collectively worth a total of $3,880,000. This brings the total number of shares owned by the firm to a total of 182,912 shares.

Last but not least, during the second quarter, Ziegler Capital Management LLC increased its holdings of Hostess Brands stock by 9.5%, bringing the total number of shares it owns to 100%. Ziegler Capital Management LLC now owns 442,112 shares after purchasing an additional 38,337 in the most recent quarter. The value of Ziegler Capital Management LLC’s holdings in the company is $9,377,000.

There have been several market researchers and financial analysts who have provided their feedback on the stock. released a research note on Wednesday, October 12, announcing that it would begin covering shares of Hostess Brands. The note was published online. They advised their clients to “hold” the stock moving forward. In a report distributed on November 3, Credit Suisse Group announced that it was increasing its price target for Hostess Brands. The price objective was raised from $26.00 to $29.00, and the organization advised shareholders to “outperform” the stock. In a research report made public on December 20, Hostess Brands was given a rating of “equal weight” by Morgan Stanley, which was a downgrade from the previous rating of “overweight.” In addition, the company has revised its price objective, bringing it down from $30.00 to $25.00. On November 3, JPMorgan Chase & Co. gave the stock an “overweight” rating, and during the same trading session, the price objective for the company was increased from $26.00 to $29.00. Both of these changes occurred during the same session. Five equity research professionals have assigned the stock a buy rating, while three have assigned a hold rating to the stock. The information that was obtained from indicated that the consensus regarding Hostess Brands is that it is a “Moderate Buy,” and the price goal that is being suggested is $26.71.

When trading started on Friday, the price of one share of Hostess Brands was $22.55 per share. The share price of Hostess Brands, Inc. has reached a 52-week high of $29.00, while it has fallen to a 52-week low of $18.97. A debt-to-equity ratio comes in at 0.61; a quick ratio comes in at 1.81; a current ratio comes in at 2.08; and a quick ratio comes in at 1.81. The 50-day moving average for the stock is currently sitting at $24.84, while the 200-day moving average is currently sitting at $23.75. The company’s market capitalization is $3.02 billion, the price-to-earnings ratio is 18.79, and the stock’s beta value is 0.60.

On November 2, investors were given access to the most recent quarterly earnings report for Hostess Brands (NASDAQ: TWNK). This report covered the company’s performance over the past three months. The company reported earnings per share at $0.23, which is $0.02 higher than the consensus expectation of $0.21. In addition, the actual sales for the quarter came in at $346.23 million, which is significantly higher than the average projection of $322.43 million, which was the amount that was anticipated for sales. In the case of Hostess Brands, the return on equity was 7.66 percent, and the net margin for the company was 12.75 percent.

In comparison to the same quarter in the previous year, the current year saw a quarterly sales increase of 20.2% for the company. As a result, the company’s earnings per share came in at $0.21, comparable to the results achieved during the same quarter of the previous year. As a result, the analysts who follow the market speculate that Hostess Brands, Inc. will generate $0.97 per share earnings this year.

Hostess Brands, Inc., a corporation specializing in packaged foods, is the company that, in the United States, is responsible for creating, producing, marketing, selling, and distributing snack foods. The company offers a wide selection of baked goods, including sugar-free items, danishes, honey buns, coffee cakes, donuts, sweet rolls, breakfast pastries, cookies, snack pies, sweet baked goods, wafers, bread, and buns.

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