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Texas Permanent School Fund invests $148,000 in ZimVie Inc. (NASDAQ:ZIMV)

Texas Permanent School Fund invests $148,000 in ZimVie Inc. (NASDAQ:ZIMV)

The most recent 13F filing that ZimVie Inc. made with the SEC reveals that during the third quarter of 2018, Texas Permanent School Fund purchased additional company shares. The company decided to release the document to the general public. The investment fund purchased 15,010 shares of the company’s stock at approximately $148,000. Jimmie’s most recent disclosure to the SEC revealed that Texas Permanent School Fund owned 0.06% of the company. The Texas Permanent School Fund provided this information.

Over the past few years, several other notable investors have cut back on the amount of stock they own in the company. During the second quarter of 2018, Hellman Jordan Management Co., Inc. (M.A.) purchased a new holding in ZimVie with an estimated value of approximately $724,000. During the third quarter of 2018, Monarch Capital Management Inc. made a fresh investment in the stock of ZimVie totaling approximately $227,000rter of 2018, Hellman Jordan Management Co., Inc. (M.A.) purchased a new holding in ZimVie with an estimated value of approximately $724,000. During the third quarter of 2018, Monarch Capital Management Inc. made a fresh investment in the stock of ZimVie, totaling approximately $227,000. Shares of ZimVie have been the target of a fresh investment made by Douglas Lane & Associates LLC over the past three months. The new stake is valued at approximately $192,000 at this time. The State of Alaska Department of Revenue spent approximately 142,000 dollars during the third quarter to increase the number of ZimVie shares it owned by adding to its existing holdings. This was done by purchasing additional shares. During the year’s final three months, Mackenzie Financial Corporation increased its holdings in ZimVie shares by purchasing additional stock. This new position is worth approximately 135,000 dollars to the company. 74.29% of the company’s shares are owned by institutional investors who have purchased large blocks of stock.

Separately, in a research note made public on Wednesday, December 21, Barclays indicated that they would be covering shares of the company time. They provided the stock with an “underweight” rating and projected a price of $9.00 per share for the shares moving forward.

The cost of one share of ZimVie common stock was $9.08 per share on Tuesday. The company’s moving average price over the past 50 days is $9.04, and its average price over the past 200 days is $12.19. There is a ratio of 0.76 of debt to each dollar of equity, a ratio of 1.48 of quick ratio to current ratio, and a ratio of 2.51 of current ratio to quick ratio. ZimVie Inc. hit a low point over the past 52 weeks of $6.67, while the company reached a high point over the past 52 weeks of $50.40.

Time (NASDAQ: ZIMV) provided the public with a report on November 9 that detailed its most recent financial results, which were disclosed in the report. The company’s earnings per share for the quarter came in at $0.49, which was $0.22 more than the consensus projection of $0.27. The earnings for the quarter were reported in U.S. dollars. The community had predicted that the company would bring in $214.83 million in revenue for the quarter. Still, the actual amount, which was reported as the company’s quarterly revenue, came in at $214.58 million. ZimVie also had a negative return on equity, which came in at 2.75 percent, and the company had a negative net margin of 9.96 percent. ZimVie Inc. is expected to generate earnings of $1.95 per share in 2018, according to estimates provided by sell-side analysts.

ZimVie, Inc. is a medical technology company that designs, manufactures, and distributes various products and solutions to treat a wide variety of spine pathologies worldwide. These products and solutions include both implantable and non-implantable devices. These dental tooth replacement and restoration treatments are carried out worldwide, and these products and solutions support those procedures. It also offers bone grafts, barrier membranes, allografts, collagen wound care products, dental implant systems, prostheses, abutment products, surgical instrumentation, and kits. You can purchase every one of these items. In addition, the company offers patient-specific restorative components, intraoral scanners, virtual treatment planning services, guided surgery solutions, CAD/CAM workflow systems, spinal fusion implants, and instrumentation for various spinal procedures, biologics, and bone healing products.

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