The Magic behind Touchscreens


We are fascinated by the touch screens which are integrated in our mobile phones or PDAs that we commonly use. But have you ever wondered what the magic behind touchscreen is?

The underlying magic is technology. Technology has made our life easier by providing us with so many innovative solutions. Touchscreen is such one solution. The essence of touchscreen lies in the Haptic technology. The haptic technology is driven by the vibrations, or touch and feel of the human. This technology has many wider applications and has seen its advent already in many. It has seen its advents in the computer science and in the applications like screens or displays of cellular devices.

This technology allows you to perform the desired activity on your screen via a touch. It allows you to enter into the virtual world of computer icons by the feel of your touch on the screen lying in front of you. It has added new experience to the navigation and going through the menus to search what lies inside. The application of this technology to the cellular devices has reinvented this field and it is just the one field where it has found its application.

The other major application of this technology is in the field of medicines and clinical researches. It is helpful to provide the students with simulators where they can perform their practical practices. Everything is virtualized with a pinch of reality in every application. In case the student is at wrong with some diagnosis practice, the simulator will response in that way.

The other area where the analysts seek its wide application is the e-commerce. They are positive about the fact that with in some years the consumers who prefer online shopping will be able to judge the fabric by feeling it via computer using the haptic technology. They are optimistic about the fact that this advent will boost the consumer’s confidence and will broad the horizons for online transaction.

This technology also sees a wider and broader application in entertainment medium. It can be incorporated with the games and can give the users a very lively and realistic experience while playing online games or games on some play stations. They can also feel the real time situation via haptic technology.