The Microsoft story – before and after Apple


Apple has had a rollercoaster of a year. The Apple iPad, with its various version and sizes has been selling at the rate of 1 million units in a month alone. The technology giant had a chunk out of its iPhone 5 catered to within hours of orders being placed online, and its market capitalization blew past longtime rival Microsoft during the second quarter.

However, the focus and attention has always been targeted towards the iPad and the iPhone. What these two products have done in the recent time, is something that the company as a whole could not achieve single handedly in the past 25 years. They transformed the position of the company to a level where it can now easily play for dominating the market with brand Macintosh. If Microsoft wanted Apple securely away from its market share, then there would have definitely been some serious sock pulling when its PC market share was initially targeted.

The parabolic hype created by the media did add spice to the fire, but was not even close enough to the real reason behind the scenario. Where Apple is heading towards now is exactly where Microsoft had successfully arrived during the 1980s and early 1990s. It is bringing in developers from various backgrounds and roping them into their own platforms. The motive-to create and develop Apps for the iPhone and iPad.

Money is where the developers will eventually be at, and of course if the money is big then the stay extends. For that very reason a large number of people today will consider and emphasize on wanting to write software for the iPad and the iPhone platforms, and for that even shifting to Macintosh from Windows and adhering to Apple’s terms and conditions would seem legit. When the software and apps are integrated with perfection, the business and the market will obviously follow suit, and so it did.

Some might have even laughed at the statement a year ago, when Microsoft still had around 90 percent of the market share around the world in the Personal Computer space. However, with Apple witnessing a consistent estimate of 33 percent growth in iMac sales every year, along with the steaming popularity of the iPads and iPhones, it was much evident that Apple would reach the position that it now stagnates at.

Majority of enterprises especially Corporate IT have not shifted nor upgraded their operating PCs for more than a decade now, and in that very time Apple and other tech giants have successfully transferred PC functions to variable mobile devices, which of course include the popular iPad and iPhone.

The appreciation and excitement for Apple from its customers in a time span of months has been more than what the world has ever emoted for Microsoft in years. Some might still prefer to believe that popularity does not justify success, but well, what does is the impact that the PC market will absorb in the coming time and as for me, the carton full of money will be having an image of a certain fruit on top.