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The State of New Jersey Common Pension Fund D reduces its holdings in Texas Pacific Land Co. (NYSE:TPL)

The State of New Jersey Common Pension Fund D reduces its holdings in Texas Pacific Land Co. (NYSE:TPL)

The most recent Form 13F filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission revealed that during the third quarter, the State of New Jersey Common Pension Fund D reduced its position in Texas Pacific Land Co. (NYSE: TPL) by 4.7%. The previous quarter saw the sale of 179 shares, bringing the total number of shares owned by the fund to 3,649. These shares were of the stock that the financial services provider held. According to the data provided by the State of New Jersey Common Pension Fund D, the total value of the Texas Pacific Land portfolio was determined to be $6,485,000 when the most recent fiscal quarter came to a close.

There have been additional large investors who have made adjustments to their holdings in the company, and these adjustments have been made recently. Collective Family Office LLC increased the amount of Texas Pacific Land it invested by 2.2% during the second quarter. Collective Family Office LLC has increased its holdings in the financial services provider’s stock by purchasing 41 additional shares during the most recent quarter. This brings the total number of shares it currently owns to 1,903, with a value of $2,832,000. During the second quarter, Lindbrook Capital LLC made a 41.9% investment increase in Texas Pacific Land, bringing the total percentage of that company’s holdings in Texas Pacific Land to 100%. After making an additional purchase of 26 additional shares during the most recent quarter, Lindbrook Capital LLC now owns a total of 88 shares of the company that is in the business of providing financial services; the current value of all of these shares is $131,000. (up from 76 last quarter). In addition, $201,000 was invested in Texas Pacific Land by Next Level Private LLC during the third quarter of the fiscal year. Stephens, Inc.’s ownership stake in Texas Pacific Land increased by 1.3% over the second quarter as a percentage of total holdings. Stephens Inc. (AR), a provider of financial services, now has 996 shares of the stock held by the financial services provider following the purchase of an additional 13 shares during the most recent fiscal quarter. The current value of these shares, when traded on the market, is $1,482,000. Finally, but certainly not least, during the second quarter, Whittier Trust Company increased the amount of Texas Pacific Land owned by 2.2%. As a result of the purchase of an additional eight shares during the most recent quarter of the fiscal year, Whittier Trust Co. now has a total of 372 shares of the financial services provider’s stock, which has a value of $554,000. Institutional and hedge fund investors collectively hold 58.95% of the company’s total shares, making up the majority of the company’s ownership.

In addition, beginning on October 12, a research report on Texas Pacific Land has been covered in depth by the editorial staff at consistently. They recommended that shareholders “hold” their shares of the company.

This past Friday, trading on the NYSE: TPL began for $2,094.37 per share. The share price has been trading at a moving average of $2,470.40 over the past fifty trading days, while the price has been trading at an average of $2,047.21 over the past two hundred trading days. The company’s market capitalization is $16.14 billion, and its price-to-earnings ratio is currently 38.05, while its beta value stands at 1.97. During the past year, Texas Pacific Land Co.’s price fluctuated between $946.29 and $2,739.00, reaching a low of $946.29 and a high of $2,739.00, respectively.

On November 2, the most recent quarterly earnings report for Texas Pacific Land was made public. This company’s stock is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the “TPL.” The company that provides financial services reported earnings per share for the quarter that came in at $16.82, which was $2.44 more than the average estimate of $14.38. In addition, even though market watchers predicted that the company would bring in sales totaling $175.67 million during the quarter, it brought in sales totaling $191.11 million instead. As a result, the financial experts’ projections indicate that Texas Pacific Land Company should realize a profit of 59.96 cents per share in 2018.

In addition, the business recently announced a quarterly dividend, which was paid out on December 15. On December 8, shareholders recorded as having ownership received a dividend payment of $3.00 for each share they owned. This translates into an annual dividend payment of $12 and a yield on investment of 0.57%. The dividend payment was made to shareholders on Wednesday, December 7, the month of December. Currently, 21.80% of Texas Pacific Land’s annual dividends are being distributed back to the company’s shareholders.

Customers receive water services from Texas Pacific Land Corporation, which manages lands and other resources for its clients. This is just one of the many companies that they are in charge of running. Approximately 880,000 acres of land are under the management of the corporation’s Property and Resource Management division. This division is responsible for administering the land. In addition, this division owns a 1/16th nonparticipating permanent oil and gas royalty interest (NPRI) that encompasses approximately 371,000 acres of land, a 1/128th NPRI that covers approximately 85,000 acres, and approximately 4,000 additional net royalty acres in western Texas. These holdings are collectively referred to as the NPRI.


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