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Traders purchase a large number of AT&T call options. (NYSE:T)

Traders purchase a large number of AT&T call options. (NYSE:T)

The volume of options trading activity for AT&T Inc. (NYSE: T) was significantly higher than normal on Friday compared to other days of the week. As a result, shareholders in the company purchased a total of 612,913 call options on the stock. This represents a 453% increase over the normal volume of 110,897 call options, making the current volume higher.
On October 20 of this year, AT&T (NYSE: T) issued a press release detailing the outcomes of its most recent quarterly report. The technology company reported earnings of $0.68 per share for the quarter, which is $0.07 higher than the consensus expectation of $0.61 per share, determined by market analysts. The overall revenue for the quarter was $30.04 billion, a significant increase from the consensus expectation of $29.86 billion in revenue for the period. The return on equity for AT&T was 13.24%, and their net margin was 14.44%. Compared to the same quarter the previous year, the company’s sales during the most recent quarter were lower by 4.1%. In the same period as the previous year, the company made a profit of $0.87 for each share it issued. AT&T is expected to bring in $2.62 in earnings per share for the current fiscal year, as indicated by estimates provided by sell-side analysts.
A price increase of $0.32 was recorded on the NYSE T during the lunch hour on Friday, bringing the total price to $19.53 at the close of trading. The volume of shares traded was significantly lower than the stock’s typical volume of 38,273,449 shares, which was 35,936,191. The average volume of the stock is 38,273,449 shares. However, the current ratio comes in at 0.62, and the quick ratio comes in at 0.54. The debt-to-equity ratio, the current ratio, and the quick ratio all come in at 0.88. Over the past 52 weeks, the price of AT&T has ranged from as low as $14.46 to as high as $21.53 at various points. The stock price has been trading at an average moving price of $18.73 over the past 50 trading days, and the price has been trading at an average moving price of $18.25 over the last 200 trading days. The in-question business has the following quantitative characteristics:
A beta value of 0.61
A price-to-earnings ratio of 7.27
A price-to-earnings-to-growth ratio of 2.24
A market value of $139.19 billion
Several institutional investors and hedge funds have recently adjusted the stocks they currently hold in their portfolios. The percentage of Symmetry Partners LLC’s holdings in AT&T that were held as of the end of the fourth quarter was 587. After purchasing an additional 44,384 shares during the most recent quarter, Symmetry Partners LLC now owns a total of 119,964 shares of the technology company’s stock, which is $2,209,000. These shares were acquired during the most recent quarter. A 68.0% increase in the proportion of AT&T stock that Massmutual Trust Co. FSB ADV owned at the end of the third quarter was one of the company’s accomplishments. Massmutual Trust Co. FSB ADV now owns 19,003 shares of the corporation’s stock, which has a value of $350,000, after purchasing an additional 7,689 shares of the technology company’s stock during the most recent fiscal quarter. These shares were purchased through the company’s direct investment program. During the fourth quarter, Atlas Brown Inc. increased the percentage of AT&T stock it held in its portfolio by 0.7%. After purchasing an additional 523 shares during the most recent quarter, Atlas Brown Inc. now owns a total of 78,373 shares in the technology company, which are currently valued at $1,443,000. The company acquired the shares. During the last three months of 2018, the value of Capital Investment Advisors LLC’s investment in AT&T increased by 3.7%. Capital Investment Advisors LLC now holds a total of 1,127,853 shares of the stock of the technology company. These shares have a value of $20,764,000 and were acquired by the company during the preceding quarter by purchasing an additional 39,740 shares. AT&T received an investment of $353,000 from General Partner Inc. during the fourth quarter of 2018, which brings us to our final point. The majority of the company’s stock, or 51.86 percent, is owned by financial institutions as investors.
In addition, the company has declared a quarterly dividend, which will be paid out on February 1. On Tuesday, January 10, $0.2775 dividend checks will be sent to shareholders properly registered for the dividend. This translates into a yield of 5.68 percent and a dividend payment of 1.11 dollars yearly. On Monday, January 9, the date that will no longer count toward the dividend total will be removed. The payout ratio for AT&T currently stands at 41.11% as of right now.
Several analysts who focus on equity analysis have recently shared their thoughts on the stock with the public. Wells Fargo & Company announced on Friday, October 7, that they are lowering their price target for AT&T shares from $22.00 to $17.00. This information was included in a report that was made public on Friday. In addition, the company rated the stock as having “equal weight,” which indicates that it is neutral. Moffett Nathanson reaffirmed an “underperform” rating on shares of AT&T and set a price objective of $17.00 for the company’s stock in research that was made public on Monday, December 19. Moffett Nathanson also set a price objective of $17.00 for the company’s stock. Credit Suisse Group stated in a research note that was published on Monday, October 17, that they would be lowering their target price on AT&T stock from $21.00 to $18.00 and that they would be assigning the stock a “neutral” rating. The research note also stated that they would assign the stock a “buy” rating. Barclays upgraded its “equal weight” rating for AT&T, which led to the investment bank increasing its price target for the company’s stock from $18.00 to $19.00 in a research note that was made public on October 24. The note was published in response to AT&T’s announcement that Barclays had upgraded its rating.
Last but not least, Morgan Stanley downgraded its rating on AT&T shares, moving them from “overweight” to “equal weight,” The brokerage firm also established a price target of $20,000 for the stock. The findings of an investigation were published in a paper that was made available to the public on December 15. One of the analysts gave a strong recommendation to purchase the stock, eight of the analysts recommended holding the stock, eight of the analysts gave the recommendation to buy the stock, and one of the analysts gave the recommendation to sell the stock. The data provided by Bloomberg indicates that the company has been given a consensus rating of “Moderate Buy” and that the stock’s average price objective is $22.39.


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