Transforming with time: Social Networking the need of the hour


Having entered the league of revolutionary tech innovations, Social Networking has made an impenetrable affect on the way communication and technology function today, making the thought of its absence quite a distant one. The way mobile phones and internet have taken the shape of the necessity of the masses, from once being a mere luxury at hand, similarly Social networking has now stretched its corners to almost every aspect of our daily life. Its importance is self inflicted, but well etched.

It need not be mentioned that social networking sites namely Facebook, Twitter,Pinterest and LinkedIn have revolutionized the modus operandi of the enterprises of today. While it has genuinely had a great impact on advertising and marketing, it has now also provided a new dimension to the way various companies hire and recruit, make contact with customers and employees, and mange data that is sensitive in nature.

Advertising, marketing and public relations are the fields where social media has had the biggest changing effect. Along with spending hundreds of thousands of rupees per year on online banner ads, television and radio advertising or even traditional print, companies now can deliver their message around the globe and that too for free.

With platforms like Twitter and Facebook, companies today have the power to identify their customers at one place and then target them either specifically or as masses. They also have the power to customize their messaging and branding techniques based on consumer reaction.

In fact, Social Networking sites also provide businesses with access to feedbacks on new products and services before the completion of product design or service distribution and that too at very low costs. What otherwise would have had to go through traditional market research can now be well achieved on circulating information effortlessly. Some cases have even seen companies allowing their consumers and clients to help name and develop products and services.

Moreover, what is worth noting is the change of approach pattern in the company-customer relationship. Where once companies would chase consumers with calls and e-mails to receive feedback or complaints, now the same customers and clients are more than eager to post on a company’s Facebook wall or leave them a tweet making complaints, suggestions and even appreciation. It is the most immediate and convenient point of contact and is easy and effortless to direct. All that the companies have to do is to respond to and monitor what the customers are expressing across social networks.

Making people a part of product and service improvisation and letting organizations and enterprises gather manpower as well. Sites like LinkedIn provide an efficient way to search for possible employees, making it easier with the recommendations and endorsements that people have. One should also expect employees and recruiters to survey the candidates’ Twitter and Facebook profiles before deciding to hire. So what started off as a cool trend, has now transformed into an aspect that defines you.

With the dependability rate rocketing with every onset, the industrial relevance of Social Media is better to let flow and not be criticized. Changing the way trade functions around us, the time to criticize would be the time when Social Media would disappoint and not deliver, and that does not seem to be anywhere near on the road ahead.

From ITvoir News Desk/Darab Bakhshi