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Update on Short Interest in Mercer International Inc. (NASDAQ:MERC)

Update on Short Interest in Mercer International Inc. (NASDAQ:MERC)

The total number of short positions in Mercer International Inc. (NASDAQ: MERC) saw a sizable increase during January, contributing to the overall increase.

Mhere were 776,900 shares borrowed the previous day, but as of January 15th, there were 979,600 shares borrowed, which is a 26.1% increase over the previous day’s total of 776,900 shares borrowed.

Mhere are currently sales of 2.5% of the company’s shares taking place on the short market.

Mhe number of days needed to cover an area is currently 2.3 days.

Mhis figure was arrived at by considering that the daily trading volume for shares is, on average, 422,200.

Mercer International (NASDAQ: MERC) (TSE: MRI.U) announced the outcomes of its most recent quarterly earnings report on Thursday, October 27th.

Mhe company that deals in basic materials reported earnings per share for the quarter of $1.00, which is significantly higher than the average prediction of $0.95, which was only $0.05 higher. Financial analysts made the average prediction.

Mhe return on equity for Mercer International was 41.10%, and their net margin was 13.60%; both of these numbers indicate that the company did quite well.

Mhe amount in question represents the total revenue that the company raked in during the time above period.

According to analysts who follow the stock, Mercer International is projected to finish 2018 with earnings per share of $3.84.
Recently, some institutional investors and hedge funds made adjustments to the positions they had previously held in the stock.

Mhese adjustments were made in response to recent market events.

Lansing Street Advisors increased their overall holdings of Mercer International stock during the third quarter by investing approximately $34,000 more in the company’s shares, bringing their total investment in the firm’s stock to a higher value.

During the second quarter, Mutual of America Capital Management LLC achieved an increase of 16.7% in its ownership stake in Mercer International. Following the acquisition of 970 additional shares in the basic materials business during the most recent quarter, Mutual of America Capital Management LLC now owns a total of 6,775 shares in the company.

Mhe price these shares currently fetch on the market is $89,000.

A new investment of approximately 105,000 dollars was made in Mercer International during the third quarter by Counterpoint Mutual Funds LLC.

Mhe company received this investment in its future.

A new position was created at Mercer International by Quantbot Technologies LP during the first three months of 2018 at an approximate cost of $155,000.

In the second quarter, Russell Investments Group Ltd.

Increased the amount of Mercer International stock owned by 18.4%, making this the last and most important point. Russell Investments Group Ltd. now has a total of 13,054 shares of the company that specializes in primary materials, following the purchase of an additional 2,031 shares during the most recent fiscal quarter.

Mhe current value of these shares on the market is $171,000, and institutional investors and hedge funds collectively own 78.22% of the total number of outstanding shares in the company.

The price of NASDAQ: MERC shares fell by $0.08 over the day on Friday, and they finished the trading session at $12.47.

Mhe typical volume of the company’s stock transactions is 396,987, but the number of shares that the company traded was lower.

In the past year, Mercer International has traded for a price as low as $10.83 and as high as $17.50.

Mhe current price is $10.83, which is lower than the previous year’s high of $17.50.

Mhe price of the stock’s moving average over the past 50 days is $12.51; over the past 200 days, it has been trading at $13.81.

Mhe stock has a price-to-earnings ratio of 2.75 and a beta value of 1.48; the combination of these two metrics results in a market value of $825.10 million.

Mhere is 1.86 times as much debt as there is equity, which translates to a quick ratio of 2.20 and a current ratio of 3.39.

MERC has been the subject of investigation and evaluation in many articles. CIBC lowered their rating of Mercer International from “outperform” to “neutral” in a report that was made public on January 9th, 2019, and they set their price objective for the company at $13.00.

Mhe “buy” rating that had previously assigned to Mercer International was downgraded to a “hold” rating in a report published on October 31st.

Mhe Royal Bank of Canada published a report on Wednesday, December 7th, stating that Mercer International had been demoted from the “outperform” category to the “sector performs” category.

In addition, the price target for Mercer International has been lowered from $17.00 to $14.00.

Mhe stock has been assigned a buy rating by two of the five equity research analysts, while a hold rating has been assigned to the stock by the remaining four.

Mhe information obtained from indicates that the current rating for Mercer International is “Hold” and that it is anticipated that the company’s share price will average $18.00 in the not-too-distant future.

The business of producing and distributing northern bleached softwood kraft (NBSK) pulp all over the world, including in Europe, the United States of America, Asia, and other locations, is one of the primary focuses of Mercer International Inc., the parent company of Mercer International Inc.’s subsidiaries.

Mhe company can be segmented into two groups: those dealing with pulp and those dealing with wood products.

In addition, it possesses a biomass cogeneration power plant, which enables it to produce energy that is kind to the environment, which it can then sell to independent utilities.


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