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USS Investment Management Ltd owns $2.27 million in Carnival Co. and plc (NYSE:CCL)

USS Investment Management Ltd owns $2.27 million in Carnival Co. and plc (NYSE:CCL)

According to the most recent filing it made with the SEC, USS Investment Management Ltd increased the percentage of Carnival Co & plc (NYSE: CCL) stock owned by 423.0% during the third quarter.

The institutional investor has now obtained 322,632 shares of the company’s stock after making additional purchases over time, amounting to 260,941 stock units, bringing the total number of shares they own up to the same.

The most recent disclosure that USS Investment Management Ltd made to the SEC indicated that the value of its holdings in Carnival Corp. was $2,266,000. USS Investment Management Ltd provided this information.

In addition, hedge funds and other institutional investors have decreased the amount of the company’s stock that they hold in their portfolios.

During the third quarter, Parkside Financial Bank & Trust increased the amount of Carnival Co stock owned by 69.8%, bringing its total ownership percentage to 100%.

The Parkside Financial Bank & Trust Company has acquired 4,147 shares, with a market value of $29,000.

This is a direct consequence of the bank’s purchase of an additional 1,705 shares during the period above. Spire Wealth Management increased the percentage of Carnival Co and shares that it owned by 58.3% during the third quarter of the fiscal year.

After making additional purchases during the relevant period amounting to 1,612 shares, Spire Wealth Management now directly owns 4,376 shares of the company, which have a value of $31,000.

These purchases were made during the period in question.

Total Clarity Wealth Management INC increased its holdings in Carnival Company by purchasing additional shares during the second quarter, which resulted in the company receiving an investment of more than $43,000.

During the second quarter, Heritage Wealth Management LLC increased its holdings by purchasing approximately 46,000 dollars’ worth of stock in Carnival Company.

In addition, during the period covered by the report for the second quarter, Patriot Financial Group Insurance Agency LLC increased the percentage of Carnival Company shares it owned by 203.5%. Following the purchase of an additional 3,818 shares throughout the year, Patriot Financial Group Insurance Agency LLC has 5,694 shares of the company’s stock, currently valued at $49,000. Hedge funds and other institutional investors own 49.87% of the company’s shares.

These shares were acquired during the period.
When the market opened on Thursday morning, Carnival Corporation’s share price was $11.87.

The stock has had a moving average price of $9.38 over the previous 200 days, but that price has increased to $9.62 over the most recent 50 days. Carnival Co & Plc has a market capitalization of $13.22 billion, a price-to-earnings ratio of -2.29, and a beta value of 2.22.

Both of these metrics are negative.

The stock price for the company hit a one-year low of $6.11, while it reached a one-year high of $23.86.

There is a debt-to-equity ratio that is equal to 4.52, a current ratio that is equal to 0.71, a quick ratio that is equal to 0.67, and a current ratio that is equal to 0.71.

The most recent quarterly earnings report for Carnival Corporation, which is traded on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol CCL, was made public on December 21.

The company’s earnings per share (EPS) for the quarter came in at $0.85, which was $0.04 more than the analysts’ consensus estimate of $0.89 per share.

A negative value of 50.07 percent was assigned to Carnival Company’s net margin, and a negative value of 64.76 percent was assigned to the company’s return on equity.

The quarterly sales for the company came in at $3.84 billion, which is lower than the average projection that was made for the company, which was $3.96 billion.

According to projections made by market experts, Carnival Company & plc will finish the current fiscal year with a loss of $0.18 per share.

In recent days, several people who make their living in the field of equity research have offered their insights regarding the CCL stock.

The “neutral” rating that Citigroup had previously assigned to Carnival Corporation was changed to an “overweight” rating in a research report released on January 31 by the company.

In addition, they increased the price target they had established for the stock from $9.00 to $13.00.

In an article released on December 22, advised its audience to “sell” any existing holdings of Carnival Co shares they might have.

In a research report published on December 22, Wells Fargo & Company lowered their “underweight” rating on shares of Carnival Company and lowered their target price on those shares from $10.00 down to $9.00.

Both actions were taken in response to a decrease in the share price.

In a research report published on December 22, Credit Suisse Group lowered its “outperform” rating and target price on Carnival Co and its shares from $19.00 to $16.00.

In addition, the target price remained the same.

Tigress Financial reaffirmed a “buy” rating on shares of Carnival Co and set a target price of $13.00 for the company’s stock in a report published on Thursday, October 27.

Tigress Financial also set a target price of $13.00 for the company’s stock. Six analysts advise clients to buy company shares, seven counsel clients to hold onto their existing holdings, and five counsel clients to sell company shares.

According to Bloomberg, the current rating for Carnival Company and plc is “Hold,” and the price objective for the company has been settled on as being $11.71 at this point.

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