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Victory Capital Management Inc. Increases Its Position in Franco-Nevada Co. (NYSE:FNV)

Victory Capital Management Inc. Increases Its Position in Franco-Nevada Co. (NYSE:FNV)

According to the most recent report that Victory Capital Management Inc. submitted to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), the investment management firm increased its holdings in shares of Franco-Nevada Co. (NYSE: FNV) (TSE: FNV) during the third quarter. Victory Capital Management Inc. is a publicly-traded company in the United States and Canada. The institutional investor increased the total number of shares they owned in the company that deals in basic materials by purchasing an additional 1,825,413 shares of stock during the relevant period. This brought the total number of shares that the investor-owned to 1,835,050. The most recent SEC filing that Victory Capital Management Inc. made revealed that the company owned approximately 0.96% of Franco-Nevada, which had a value of $219,252,000 at the time of the filing.

The percentages of ownership in FNV held by various other hedge funds have also been reduced. BlackRock Inc. increased the proportion of Franco-Nevada stock that it held by 3.3% over the first quarter. BlackRock Inc. now has 386,741 shares of the basic materials company after purchasing an additional 12,446 shares during the most recent quarter. The company’s holdings are currently valued at $61,693,000 because they contain 386,741 shares. Raymond James Trust N.A. increased the Franco-Nevada stock owned by 10.2% during the first three months of 2018. Raymond James Trust N.A. increased its total number of shares in the basic materials business by purchasing 184 shares during the most recent fiscal quarter, bringing the total number of shares it owns to 1,995. These shares are currently worth a total of $318,000 as of right now. Dimensional Fund Advisors L.P. saw a 23.1% increase in the value of its holdings in Franco-Nevada during the first three months of the year. After purchasing an additional 12,993 shares during the most recent quarter, Dimensional Fund Advisors L.P. now owns 69,166 shares of the basic materials company’s stock, valued at $11,035,000. These shares were acquired during the most recent quarter. The investment advisor now owns 69,166 shares, an increase from the shares held before the most recent acquisition. The value of Aviva PLC’s holdings in Franco-Nevada increased by 5.8 percent over the first three months of 2018. Following the conclusion of the most recent fiscal quarter, Aviva PLC acquired an additional 3,438 shares of the stock held by the basic materials business, bringing the total number of shares the company owns to 62,996. These shares are currently worth a total of $10,040,000 to the business. Last but certainly not least, during the first quarter of 2018, Vanguard Group Inc. increased the percentage of Franco-Nevada holdings it had in its portfolio by 2.3%. Vanguard Group Inc. now owns 6,358,267 stock, the basic materials company held after acquiring 141,139 additional shares during the most recent fiscal period. The total value of these shares comes to $1,014,271,000. The company’s stock is held in collective ownership by hedge funds and other types of institutional investors to the tune of 66.69%.

The Franco-stock Nevada’s initial trading day was Monday, and the stock’s opening price was $146.69. The cost of one share of the company’s stock has averaged $139.82 over the past 50 trading days, while over the previous 200 trading days, the price has averaged $129.95. The company’s market capitalization is $28.15 billion based on its E.G. ratio of 10.24, its P.E. ratio of 37.14, and its beta value of 0.65. The lowest point in the past year for Franco-Nevada Co. was $109.70, and the highest in the past year was $169.32.

The most recent quarterly earnings report for Franco-Nevada, which is traded on the NYSE and the Toronto Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol FNV, was released to the public on November 7, a Monday. The earnings per share for the quarterly report of the basic materials company came in at $0.83, which is $0.01 more than the average estimate of $0.82. The earnings were reported for the quarter ending December 31. The return on equity for Franco-Nevada was calculated to be 11.27%, and the net margin for the company was calculated to be 57.18%. The company brought in a total of $340 million in revenue during the period in question. The Franco-Nevada Company is expected to generate a profit of $3.67 per share throughout the current fiscal year, as stated by the forecasts provided by market analysts.

In addition, the company announced the payment of a quarterly dividend on December 22, which was then distributed to shareholders. On December 8, stockholders already on record were given dividends amounting to $0.32 per share. These dividends were distributed to stockholders. As of December 7, it was considered that this dividend had been paid out in its entirety. This equates to an annual dividend payment of $1.28 and a yield of 0.87% for the investment over its lifetime. Currently, 32.91% of the franco-dividend Nevada stake is distributed to its holders.

A variety of different brokerage firms have, in recent times, made available new releases of FNV reports. Barclays lowered their target price on Franco-Nevada shares from $112.00 to $110.00 in a research report made available to the general public on Monday, October 17. In addition, the brokerage firm gave the stock a rating of “underweight,” which means it is undervalued. On October 12, an article titled “Franco-Nevada” was published on The article discussed the company, Franco-Nevada. This article was the first ever written on the subject. They advised their clients to “hold” the stock moving forward. The price target that National Bank Financial has set for Franco-Nevada has increased from C$190.00 to C$200.00, as stated in a research report published on Friday. This was the final change, but certainly not the least important one. Five analysts have given the company a recommendation to buy its stock; four analysts have recommended that the company’s stock be held; and a single analyst has recommended that the company’s stock be sold. According to information from, the company is currently rated as having a majority opinion of “Hold,” and market watchers anticipate its price will reach an average of $168.63 over the next several months.

The Franco-Nevada Corporation is primarily engaged in the royalty and streaming industries, with the commodity of gold serving as its primary focus. The company operates in several countries, some of which are Latin America, the United States of America, and Canada. The mining industry and the energy sector are the two primary business divisions that it operates within. The company manages its portfolio with a focus on energy, which includes oil, gas, and natural gas liquids, in addition to precious metals such as gold, silver, and the platinum group metals. This strategy allows the company to capitalize on opportunities in the energy sector. Additionally, the company manages its portfolio, focusing on natural gas liquids as the primary asset class.


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