Windows race to the global fan base


While Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android devices still seem to be dominating the market, the Windows Phone on the other hand happens to be increasingly gaining momentum. New data denotes that the platform is rising, and currently ruling around 8.2 percent of the five major European markets.

Despite different smartphones from Apple and Android dominating worldwide sales, Windows Phone devices are steadily being snapped up by new users. In fact, new data shows that Windows Phone sales have reached a record market share for the three-month period ending in July.

Reports have shown that at the end of July Windows Phone had dominated 8.2 percent of the five major European markets, including the ones in UK, France, and Germany. It had also increased its market share in other countries worldwide, like Australia and Mexico.

Strategic insight director Dominic Sunnebo said in a statement that Android and Apple had take the lion’s share of the headlines and continued to dominate smartphone sales, so it was easy to forget that there was a third operating system emerging as a real adversary. For the first time the platform had claimed the number two spot in a major world market, therefore taking 11.6 percent of sales in Mexico.

Also, analysts say that Windows Phone sales have been driven by lower-priced smartphones, like the Nokia Lumia 520. Instead of stealing customers from iOS or Android, new smartphone users are the top people buying Windows Phone devices.

“Windows Phone’s success has been in convincing first time smartphone buyers to choose one of its devices with 42 percent of sales over the past year coming from existing feature phone owners,” Sunnebo said. “This is a much higher proportion than Android and iOS. The Lumia 520 is hitting a sweet spot, offering the price and quality that new smartphone buyers are looking for.”

If comparison was to be done, then only 27 percent of Apple and Android users had switched operating systems when they got a new smartphone.

Catering to feature phone users has been a smart tactic since more than half of the world’s mobile users are still on the simpler devices. However, older Samsung Galaxy models also sell well with new smartphone owners and the rumored upcoming lower-priced iPhone 5C could pick up some of that market as well.

“The brands that win in this segment will be those that understand and address the needs of consumers in terms of price, content, and quality,” Sunnebo said. “Apple and Android must focus on a balance between retaining existing customers and attracting feature phone owners to trade up if they want to continue their success over the next year.”

From ITvoir News Desk/Darab Bakhshi