Would Microsoft IE9 revolutionize web as Windows?


Microsoft is known for bringing revolution in the arena of technology. It has always tried to be one step ahead of time and lay focus on innovation. Microsoft’s new web browser Windows Internet Explorer 9 Beta is truly an impressively polished product.

Microsoft has been talking since last fall about its determined effort to adhere to Web standards and embrace HTML5.The new IE9 Beta offers a great user interface giving the users exactly what they have desired since long. The good thing about IE9 Beta is that it looks to Windows for both graphics processing power and user interface improvements. IE9’s Pinned Sites feature is a remarkable feature. It includes Jump Lists, menus that allow direct navigation to specific areas of a Web site. Pinned Sites are basically bookmarks to websites and help you navigate in a quicker manner to achieve your objective. Infact, Google is also planning to launch operating system Chrome OS. The new Internet Explorer 9 Beta places the sites at center and revolves around a host of other features. It uses the entire computer and does not just cater to one particular feature or service. IE9 Beta shifts the focus of computing away from the browser and back to the PC operating systems. IE9 obliterates itself cleverly. It adopts a minimalist frame and giving users the option of pinning shortcuts to individual websites to the desktop taskbar.

Focus is laid on application the most.IE9 Beta is aimed primarily at Web developers. IE9 will make it easier to find your Salesforce.com contact list when a prospect email arrives in your Gmail inbox. Integration of data and process is easily done with the new Internet Explorer9 Beta. It is beneficial to both web developers and general users at large. IE9 combines the address bar and search box into what Microsoft calls a Private OneBox. IE9 moves the focus up off the desktop into the browser, and in doing so concedes the supremacy of cloud computing. Infact Microsoft’s search engine Bing ahs also gained much popularity in a short span of time. Microsoft is making a comeback in the race of technology. The most remarkable feature of IE9 is pinned shortcuts, which allows you to treat a favorite website as if it were an application. IE9 works best with Windows 7, and can be installed on Windows Vista with Service Pack 2. Another advantage is unified search and URL bar where the user can get search suggestions as they type. Bing is the default search engine but others are also available for use.One can add Google, Wikipedia or other engines. IE9 Beta owes much of its speed boost to the new hardware acceleration features inside the browser.IE9 is a step towards the advanced web browsers made to cater to handling more complex graphics, behaviors and markup.

Microsoft always leaves strong imprints on the mind of users with its innovative features. That is the prime reason of its strong user base even during its dipping phase. Microsoft has now taken a leap and living up to its brand name.

-Ishita Blaggan